Fields of Involvement

Human Rights and Role of Law:

Like all human beings they born free and equal in dignity and rights so ASECOP is working to promote the main concepts of human rights, democratic values and consolidation of Peace.

Economic and Sustainable Development:

ASECOP has a special interest in all the projects and programs that can help in developing economic situation of the Palestinian people and ensuring sustainable development & at the same time respecting the principle of environmental sustainability

Educational sector:

The educational sector is considered the backbone of the Palestinian society because it importance of creating a new generation which will be able to achieve social change and peace in Palestine

Health sector:

One of the main priorities of ASECOP is the development of the Palestinian health sector which is suffering from considerable difficulties, constraints and restrictions.

Empowerment of Palestinian NGOs and Institutions:

ASECOP is working to empower the Palestinian NGOs and Institutions encouraging, supporting and developing their technical capacities and resources to achieve their goals and serve their targeted groups and beneficiaries.

Raising Awareness and Education for development:

ASECOP is successfully raising awareness of the situation of the Palestinian People and by promoting the Palestinian case & the reality of the Palestinian – Israeli conflict at the national, regional and international level.

Emergency project & Humanitarian Aid:

The ongoing reality is that there are many emergency cases caused by the on-going conflict. As result, ASECOP has been present and supporting those in need both in the West Bank and the Gaza strip.